Industry Analysis Service

Industry Analysis Service 3.0

Brings together the advantages of a database service and analysis
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Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd.

The Industry Analysis Service is a powerful combination that brings together the advantages of a database service and analysis. It provides both. It helps you remain fully abreast of the trends in individual industries. The service covers around hundred industries. It provides an up-to-date database and an incisive analysis of what the numbers speak.

The database is at the core of the IAS. It presents detailed data on demand and supply, prices, financial performance, investments etc. of the industries.

Demand and supply includes production, trade, consumption and in some cases inventories. Prices includes those in multiple markets and for multiple grades. The financial performance includes quarterly growth in sales profits and profitability of companies in the industries. CMIE's share price indices are the most broadbased and comprehensive. They include sectoral indices. IAS provides these series. The database is available in the form of long time-series. It provides the basic inputs required by any analyst to perform his/her own analysis. IAS also provides news abstracts relevant for the industries covered.

The IAS also provides its own analysis of the individual industries. This includes forecasts and descriptive analysis of the current trends. These analytical reports are available in the form of PDF files. Such reports are prepared by CMIE every month.

The forecasts are updated every month to reflect changes, if any are required in the light of the new data. Thus, the IAS blends the art of professional monitoring and scientific analysis.

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